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Dining at Le Three Blind Mice

With dogs, pattymac (like yer moniker), it’s easier to change their eating habits.

Most dogs, when it comes to any good feed, especially when hungry, are male in temperament. They get the picture pretty quickly, especially if they are starved, which translates as always.

But cats are strange birds. They’re royal princes and princesses and that’s their charm and character. And from what I can tell, why should they change. Just bother that big object who fills bowls with favourite chow and s/he’ll catch on to kitty's line. So they just up the purr a note and brush against the long legs a little firmer, and faster; and voila. A heart softens and kitty gets what she wants. Tried it on the wife but she’s a cat and can’t be changed. I’m a dog and have had to learn new trick to get a good meal.

A gf had a cat I really liked who we both referred to as the little scrag (I’m referring to the animal definition)—thin and unkempt. A lock of her soft long black hair stuck out here, another white piece there—just enough to say, “What! I combed five minutes ago.” Her name was Cleo. She’d always allowed me to picker her up but then, when she’d had enough, would turn to water and slip to the floor. There was no way to hold her. She could not be contained, which ultimately took her away. Now that’s attitude you have to respect. And I have heard of cats who would catch a mouse, play with it, let it go; catch it, etc. Never kill it. Why hurt your toy; any thoughts of turning it into supper, meh.

pbkpatti, we can send emails and attachments from here, eh? I just did up a summary of the BARF system for my cuz and her Japanese Bull dogs (can’t remember kind) but there is some info re cats and I could do a bit of research and add more. (I have been assuming you have a cat but when you used the word “gobble” I thought of dog.)

I can understand people’s trepidation (me too) but then it is so simple and obvious and after reading and discovering that the different sites are just replicates of the others I now have no fear.

Cat BARF is easier to follow, I suspect. Cats are truly carnivorous while dogs are omnivores which complicates the larder. And cats are an ancient breed who have stubbornly refused to relinquish their ways and culture and would prefer to dine, I am sure, at Chez Live and Frisky, The Fat Mouse, Tweet Per Se or the more down scale Ye Ol’ Jump ’n Pounce than the quick and cheap Carpet Mall.

I haven’t really looked at cat specific sites, but I shall be bold and predict that kippers (unsalted) or other small fish with intact guts, intact birds, mice and other small rodents and snakes would probably suffice. The inner bits, brains and eyeballs are probably lip-licking dreams of BARF cats and very important for complete health.

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