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Question Temperature Variation Between Front & Rear Paws

We have a 13&1/2 year old female Golden Retriever that we recently noticed has developed a change in temperature between her front paws/pads are warm & her rear very cool/cold to the touch. She used to have snow/ice build up in between the pads/fur during the winter months but not this year( only the front )....
Our 7 year old male Golden runs with all 4 warm/hot & has had snow/ice on his pads/paws at times like our older girl used to.
They both wear Muttluks insulated Boots during extreme cold& snow/ice conditions....
She is in excellent health, just showing signs of her age with some stiffness in her hips & the occasional slight trembling rear leg( when resting/sleeping ) at times but my real question is :- We wonder if it could it be the start of blockage in blood flow circulation related only to the rear extremities -> Has anyone had a similar situation develop with their senior dog ?? With all the dogs we've had over the years , this seems to be a first for us....

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