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Originally Posted by O>C>D>pets View Post
why not cedar???
Cedar shavings are very irritating for small animals' respiratory systems and can cause all kinds of problems, including respiratory distress. Pine is better, but still can contain certain toxic resins and oils that can irritate the animal. I've always used aspen shavings with both my bunnies and rats and there were never any problems.

As for litter training - it's mostly a matter of patience, patience and more patience. If your bunny is pooping in her food and avoiding the litter box entirely, try switching the two to see if she perhaps simply favours a specific corner of her area. (Most bunnies will, and once they've decided where "restroom" is it's hard to convince them otherwise.) Add some hay to the litter box to make it more appealing, and don't forget to reward your bunny when she makes an effort to go do her business in a proper place. Also, it's very important to clean the box at least every other day, but if the bunny finds this confusing or upsetting and stops using the box you can leave some of the dirty litter inside, to keep their smell.

But once again: patience, patience, patience. And good luck!
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