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I was really worried about that as well. I haven't "played" with the settings as much I should be, but I have figured out a few of them. One of my favs is the action setting. It allows me to take pics of the boys while they are running and playing without getting blurry. With my point and shoot, I would say probably 90% of the pics I would take would be deleted because you just couldn't see them clearly. With the DSLR I have taken some great action shots that are clear as a bell

I don't know if you saw the pics of Nookie and pbpattis Sasha, but those turned out wonderful!! Sasha is very hyper and wirey, she's always moving and darting about. But I still managed to capture her (and her great facial expressions!) without any blur

I "think" it's the shutter speed that allows it, Marko can correct me if I'm wrong lol. I also took some amazing t-storm and lightning pics over the summer. Even though I could use a course on how to use it, I still find it simple enough to take piccies of my 3 fav things... the boys, the hubby and t-storms
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