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Need photography help? Got photo questions?

Hi members,

Many of you know that one of the hats that I wear (I wear many cuz I'm follically challenged) is that of photographer. I've been shooting for over 20 years (some of those years professionally)and actually spent 2.5 years getting a paper that says that I sort of know what I'm doing

I LOVE seeing the pix on this site!

If any member would like technical help on how to improve their photography, it's more than my pleasure to provide this help in this forum.

The only thing I'd ask, is that if you post and it takes me more than 24 hours to answer, PLEASE just PM me.

One thing that I'd like to put out there right away is simply that it's VERY difficult to get good, consistent pix of your pets with a point and shoot camera. For best results, almost any newish DSLR will CRUSH any point and shoot when it comes to pet photography....and great newish DSLRs can be had for 500 or less. Even USED DSLRs that were made in the last 3-4 years will likely CRUSH any point and shoot for pet photography. Those cameras can be picked up for maybe 250-400 depending on quality.

Please tactfully EDUCATE or IGNORE posters you don't agree with.
Please PM me & Include URLs and post #'s for any issues and it's my pleasure to help.
I'm firm - but fair. Mind the Rules and enjoy your stay.
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