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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
I've also been waiting for an update! Glad that you are all okay.

When Timber had such low red blood cells, hemolytic anemia also came up. From what I understand, you would see a very dramatic anemia, not just a slight drop. I think Dr. Lee posted something about that earlier in my thread.

It is so difficult to get so many opinions but I agree that you should go with your gut and do what you feel is best.

I will update my post as soon as I get our current blood results but we did go to the Natural Healing Vet clinic here and had some acupuncture and gentle massage/chiropractic adjustments done. Also will focus on boosting Timber's immune system. Wanted to thank you for suggesting it because I don't know if I would have gone otherwise.
I sincerely hope that you see results like we have. I know that, like humans, not all dogs respond to holistic treatments. But fortunately, Nookie did. It was the herbs and homeopathic remedies that turned him around. He's SUCH a crazy , energetic and happy puppy these days. Gone are the days of rest while he slept the majority of the day, lol. And we couldn't be happier

How has Timber been feeling lately? Is her blood count back to normal? Have they put her on any herbs yet? Nookie has been on several and the latest was to help boost his immune system. I would have to say it worked because his warts were so large that his little lip was hanging to his chin from the weight of the 1, but they all fell off about a week ago, so no need to have them removed now

And yes, Dr. Marsden told us the same thing... if it was Hemolytic Anemia, he would be a very sick boy and the Anemia would not be slight, it would be a fast and drastic drop.
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