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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post

Is it not possible to just book an appt with your regular vet if you want to see her? That's what I do with my vet as I don't like the others that are there.

We can book an appt. with her, when she's there. She only works Mon through Wed and was gone from the end of Nov. to the 18th of Dec. A lot of the times when something happens and we have to take him in, it's outside of the days she works as well. It's just too difficult to see someone with such limited availability. She always says to just have the tests done and she will review when she gets back, but we never get out of the clinic without one of the others trying to prescribe something, or order tests or procedures, freaking us out, etc. It's just frustrating. I think it will just be easier to see 1 vet. Dr. Marsden is traditional Western and holistic, so it's the best of both worlds. He's also the pioneer for holistic veterinary medicine in North America. He doesn't take new patients (human or animal), but thanks to LP speaking with Dr. Dodds, he took our boys

We will be taking Thorin to see him this month as well. Hopefully he can correct, or at least treat, the Colitis.
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