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Originally Posted by meowzart
But by far what I found was that foundation dogs WERE registered with a pedigree (which means health lines are traceable) and the dogs were health checked. I think it's unfair to lump this particular dog with BYB's.
I'm not sure why we're picking on labradoodles here.
Are these parents Champions or Titled?I think not.

Sorry,but I will always clasify them as BYB's.

Check out the news papers,shelters and petstores..There are alot of Labradoodles in there.Why,cause they can make $1500 for each pup.This is a "designer" breed no matter how you look at it.They are not recognized nor will they be by the Canadian Kennel Club.The CKC registry ONLY registers purebred dogs.These dogs are mutts.Along with cockapoos,schnoodles,pekepoos and so on.

Yeah,so the parents have pedigrees.You would hope they would for being purebred.My dogs came with pedigrees too,going back 5 generations.Guess what,they were Champion and Titled dogs.They were purebreds.Mutts do not come with pedigree papers,and not even registration papers.

Once again,reputable breeders will not breed their purebreds with a different purebred.That is just unethical in a reputable breeders eyes.
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