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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I know for people taking prescription medication for anxiety/depression, 5-HTP is contraindicated.

Our guys have always been super really a crazy sort of active but, I always thought it was just the way they were because of their breeds . Dh said of the recent change, "wow, it's like we have normal dogs" .

Let us know what you switch Chase to and if you notice any changes, ok?
I couldn't find the article that I read about depression but it could very well have been talking about people already on medication.

I did come across this clinical trial that was done on dogs. It is quite old though and you have probably already seen it ....

Yes, with Chase being a lab, we also presumed that it was his breed with the activity restrictions he had during his puppyhood on top of it.

I will let you know what happens when I switch him. It will probably be to the grain-free Acana first and if I don't notice any difference, I'll reluctantly try the regular one.
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