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Dog pees when upset

Hi folks,

I have a 5 lb female Maltese age 5. She is fine when I'm in the house--she always goes on the wee-wee pad. However, sometimes either when I leave her alone for a long time (more than a few hours) or if she thinks I am taking her out but I don't, she pees on the carpet. I am no expert on dog training, but it seems to me she is trying to punish me for leaving her alone.

I can contain her in a small walk-in kitchen, but she loves sitting on the couch and looking out the window. She is used to that spot and having free roam of the house. I would hate to take that small comfort away from her while she waits alone for me to come home. However, I am sure my landlord will make me pay for a new rug if she continues to do this.

Is there anything I can do to stop her from "retaliating" against me (if that is what she is doing)? Or must I either live with the problem or lock her in the kitchen?

Your suggestions are much appreciated.

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