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I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know when someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. You see, Jazzman, with the legerdemain of the skilled archimage, politicians sashay across the issues like the tourista riddled tourist uses imodium. Cyberkitten was incapable of addressing me directly. 'Someone said' she wrote, well, the kitten knew who said what.

Cyberkitten's premise: These dogs are not a reputable(recognised) breed

Reputable: Having a good reputation; Honourable.
Recognised: 1 - To show awareness of; approve of or appreciate. 2 - To perceive or show acceptance of the validity or reality of.
breed: A group of organisms having common ancestors and certain distinguishable characteristics , especially a group within a species developed by artificial selection and maintained by controlled propagation.

Originally Posted by cyberkitten
The "labradoodle" is not recognised as a "real" breed but I think more significantly perhaps is the ethics of the breeding practises.
According to the definitions provided, Cyberkittens premise is a fallacy. I propose that the labradoodle is recognised, Recognised by the CKC(continental) and the ACHC, and a 'breed', furthermore these animate creatures are indeed 'real', your fatuous premise has been duly noted. I'd like to point out the remaining issue of 'ethics'. Ethics are highly subjective and don't always appeal to the masses but all to often a governing body, IE: 'medical board/committee of ethics'.

On Ethics: I believe that humans should have the right to terminate their life in such cases where 'quality of life' is hindered, medicine/government says I can't. They keep you alive in the name of science , much like the 'aids' patients that are living longer under medication but with no cure (you know what I'm getting at). The subjective ethics has no place in a logical debate.

Originally Posted by cyberkitten
and the difference between that program and some back yard breeder who decides to breed her two different dog types to cash in a new trend - is the science behind it.
And this:
Originally Posted by cyberkitten
The ethics of course is another question but the early breeders of such new breeds like Tonkinese (Siamese and Burmese cross) and Ragdolls is the reputable breeders of these cats (and many - probably most are not) is the science and effort of the people behind it.
Leads me to believe that as long as science has it's grubby little hands in the till it's okay. Newsflash, Louis Doberman was a postman/Tax collector, and before him, all the way back to the first tamed dog, how many scientists were involved in the manufacturing of today's breeds. Probably very few, most were 'Backyard Scientists'.

Originally Posted by luckyrescue
At the moment there are 10,000 Labs and Lab mixes listed on Petfinder alone. Breeding more of them is highly irresponsible and just a money grab.
Any takers? Our highly esteemed Mira is breeding 'Labernois' dogs, anyone care to comment on this.

Originally Posted by cyberkitten
Anyone who has completed the most basic undergrad genetics course knows that is an absurd notion!! Not to mention the health problems these new so called breeds present with.
Again, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, enlighten us on genetics, I'd love to hear your synopsis on phenotypes and genotypes and biological potentials.

Small note for those interested: You are 100% related to your parents(50% to each) , you are 50% related to your brother/sister(assuming the same parents and not the 'POSTMAN'[sic]), 25% related to grandparents and 12.5% related to half siblings and cousins(first), and so on and so on. When the sperm and the egg unite a new cell is created, the Zygote. the Zygote contains the full human complement of 23-paired chromosomes, or 46 autosomes. In dogs, it refers to the 40 autosomes. Your genotype refers to the entire set of genes you inherit, your phenotype refers to the observable properties of your body and your behavioural traits. your phenotype might look like mom, but your genotype is a 50/50 split.

Can the best of both breeds be achieved, absolutely! It just takes time and testing. I argue that a poodle and it's hypo-allergenic hair were not an original breed of Canis Lupus, someone had to know what they were doing.

My premise remains unchanged, Man is the ultimate evil and needs to be tamed, educated and in my case sedated. Hard Sciences are mostly concerned with the abacination of our planet and co-inhabitants.

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