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Trust me,we have done our research.WE do know that the purebreds now have come from mixed breeds.All this was done MANY MANY years ago.Some going as back as the early 1700's..But these breeds are now purebreds.

Why don't you go to a dog show.Talk to the breeders there about what they think about these "designer" breeds.And trust me,they will tell you straight out what they think.

And by the way,I did answer your question in that post.I answered "yes" they still would be.

Many responsible breeders have been breeding for many years.They breed to better the breed.If there is any health problems that arise,they will NOT breed.My dogs came from a very reputable breeder(over 20 years).Her dogs where Champions and titled in SchH III.Would she ever think of breeding them with a Poodle,just to get a "designer" Shepoodle?He!! no.
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