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I had found over 40 breeds who's ancester crossbreed mix is a known mix
Of course this is true. But it can take decades of selective breeding, and an expert knowledge of genetics to produce dogs who breed true every time. If you breed two outstanding examples of the German Shepherd, you will ALWAYS get puppies who are like GSDs in conformation, temperament, and size and you can know within reason exactly how puppies will mature.

Merely buying a Lab and a Poodle and breeding them, and calling the offspring "Labradoodles" (and charging hefty prices) is not how it's done. These puppies are mutts and no one knows how they will turn out or what genetics defects they will have, since the parents have not been titled or probably health tested either.

When generations of this new breed do breed TRUE every time, then it can be called a breed - when it can be guaranteed that, for example, the puppies will ALWAYS have the nature of a Lab and coat of a poodle. This is when they can become a breed and puppies sold as such. And the selling price should not be many times higher than other established breeds.

Think about it. 1500$ for a show quality puppy of an established breed is not unreasonable. But 1500$ for a "labradoodle"? What justifies this price? You can't show the dog, and certainly should not breed it, so the price is basically a scam.
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