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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Oh no, I was hoping no news was good news .

Pred does have it's place in the medical world, but I think doctors are prescribing it much too often.

Sending lots of for Nanook.
Ya, we can't complain too much about the pred or complain at all about our regular vet and specialist. Together, the 3 kept our baby alive long enough to get him the holistic help. I just don't think I would put him back on all of it again. It was heartbreaking to watch him a few weeks ago. His joints were so bad he could barely walk and was yelping and crying a lot. He is still on pred, but a very low dose so there are no side effects. He's on 2.5mg daily which is way down from the 60mg daily that he was on. All in all though, it's pretty good news! At least for now. He's such a happy, healthy looking boy (a little too healthy... he's up tp 95 lbs )
I'll post some pics/videos of Christmas and the last few days. He really does look great. You'd never know anything was wrong

And thank you for the !! Dr. Marsden said Nanook will be the type of dog who always has something going on, but seems to think we can manage it. It's just going to take time, patience and, of course, money lol. But it's made to be spent, it's ok!! So here's hoping (and 'ing)!!
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