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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Roibyn,thank you very much for Nanooks update,I think many of us were kind of worried about him.
I am sooo relived to hear our Nookie-Monster is doing good.
I had a similar situation like you,with 4 different vets,different opinions, at a clinic until I got fed up and now have a wonderful vet.

Just one question,is it more serious for dogs to have seizures than people??
My middle son is epileptic and has had probably a hundred seizures,since he was about 1 yr old and in between he was doing ok.

He did have brainsurgery when in his 20's,to remove scar-tissue and a small part of his brain,is it possible to do that to dogs,if it's found Nanook is Epileptic?

I am sure if that's the case,Nanook could live a long happy life on meds,once the dosage and combination is figured out,no surgery needed.
Epilepsi is not a death-sentence.

Nice to have you back
Thank you so much Chico!!

I don't know about the surgery for dogs. I'll have to ask about it if it does turn out to be just Epilepsy this time, and not Meningo. From what we've been told, it is different for dogs. Apparently the more seizures they have, the more they will be prone to having. Each seizure makes a path, of sorts, and makes it easier for the next seizures that follow. The meds for canine Epilepsy are also a concern. From what we were told, if a dog starts on seizure meds at a young age, they ay live to about 4 or 5. The reason is that their bodies "adjust" to the medications much fast than humans. Humans have a wide range of medication, so when the body no longer responds, you can move on to the next. It is the same with dogs except there are only a small handful and once they're through them all, there isn't much else you can do. I did read a study recently that said they are starting to use more of the human meds and it does look promising. They are very hard on the liver/kidneys, but with holistic treatment (at least in Nookies case), it helps a lot. Once he is stronger, if he has another siezure, we will have another CSF tap completed to hopefully rule out Meningo.

How is your son doing now? I read earlier that he was having heart problems. That must be terrifying for you
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