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Roibyn,thank you very much for Nanooks update,I think many of us were kind of worried about him.
I am sooo relived to hear our Nookie-Monster is doing good.
I had a similar situation like you,with 4 different vets,different opinions, at a clinic until I got fed up and now have a wonderful vet.

Just one question,is it more serious for dogs to have seizures than people??
My middle son is epileptic and has had probably a hundred seizures,since he was about 1 yr old and in between he was doing ok.

He did have brainsurgery when in his 20's,to remove scar-tissue and a small part of his brain,is it possible to do that to dogs,if it's found Nanook is Epileptic?

I am sure if that's the case,Nanook could live a long happy life on meds,once the dosage and combination is figured out,no surgery needed.
Epilepsi is not a death-sentence.

Nice to have you back
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