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Rainbow, the first email I sent was on the 16th of last month. I sent a follow up one yesterday. I'll post here as soon as I get a response.

We noticed a change in Penny's behavior immediately after going back to raw (after nearly a week on Orijen). All the dogs' energy levels had decreased within 24 hours after switching back to raw. I started the 5-HTP supplements about 8-9 days later and we noticed further change in Penny's behavior.

The concern you read about, is that about ESM? I've read about all I could find on it and the cause was traced back to a single manufacturer in Japan in the late 80's. A more recent theory is based on consuming excessive amounts of 5-HTP (ie. in the 1000's of mg). Penny only gets 25mg per day split in two, 1/6 of the human adult dosage. I'm planning on weaning her off in another 3-4 weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.
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