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Originally Posted by meowzart
I know of labradoodle breeders who ARE breeding CKC registered purebreds with health checks etc., so I don't see how that is irresponsible.(
That's not being irresponsible...What is being irresponsible is a breeder putting these 2 breeds and creating mutts that sell for $1500.And these dogs will not be recognized with the Canadian Kennel Club....You will not see a reputable Lab or Poodle breeder who shows and has titled dogs doing this.

I have been an active member of the CKC for 20 years now.I have gone to many dogs shows.I have been around MANY breeders and know quite a few.I go to the meetings.We have discussed this breed and many others.And none of these breeders would ever think about breeding their champions or titled dogs to get a "designer" breed.
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