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Originally Posted by mhikl View Post
There is protein and then there's protein. You can get your protein from a vegetarian diet but then you'd be considered a nut by normal people. Don't argue. It's a fact....

...Go feed your dog kibble. To each his own. I have higher standards for my loved ones, especially me.
That's not the gist of this thread...we're not discussing low quality kibble here nor people's choices .

A little update. I've sent two emails to Champion Foods asking for some info on protein and amino acid content in terms of grams per cup rather than percentages so I can better compare to raw meats (I'm horrible at Math ). I'm still waiting for a reply.

We haven't supplemented with Orijen in a month now and Penny's behavior/mood continues to improve. She's no longer hiding at all, hasn't had one reactive episode since, no longer needs hours and hours of exercise, and is generally calm. I have added 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), 12.5mg twice daily to her meals in the last three weeks as well.

I wish there were more studies/research to explain these changes. Other than what's already been mentioned, I can't find anything .
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