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My Sadie favourite cuisine is Chinese

I just made this suggestion on another post but this seems a better place.

If you live in a city with a large Chinese community, look for an independent Chinese grocery store. I think the Hong Kong grocery store on 17th is an independent one and it sells fresh butchered meat. They wear fresh blood-stained cloaks like in the old days. Chicken necks $1.09/lb; feet $2.09/lb and a large bag of bones for $2. I counted my loot and each neck and foot costs about 24 and the bones about 20 (smallish, cut up).

I don’t know about the quality of those horse traders mentioned above but I do know the Chinese have a very high standard in the culinary department and I won’t buy my meat any where else. Fresh is their mantra. (I’d tell you my first hand monkey brain story but I don’t think it would pass inspection here.) Trust me. No one knows fresh better.

Here’s an important point. I have a friend who worked in meat packing and told me how liver you see wrapped for sale is packaged. The livers go through an auto-cutter and the mangled mess is automatically stuffed into giant plastic bags and vacu-sealed. (Very clean procedure as no human hands touch them livers.) Then workers inspect the bulging bags for any cancerous chunks and if a bag has one, it is assuredly tossed; probably sent off to make doggy meal.

My friend asked the health inspector what if the juicy cancer bits were tucked away out of sight when the bag is inspected. The inspector shrugged.

So, the lesson to this tale is: if like I, you are a liver lover, only buy your liver from a butcher who slices your supper in front of you.

Now anyone who thinks there is any more concern for pooch than there is for you and your two legged loved ones (not counting bird) by the food industry or government inspectors, get tested. Your brain may be fried.

Gotta go. Have a yearning for liver and forgot to pick up chicken backs and whole frozen salmon for my Sadie.

Oh, and look for AA-1 Sardines in hot tomato sauce with chili, 155g at Super Store, 69. The sade and I share a tin for breakee every day. The wifee makes the dog and me eat breakfast in the laundry room. Strange bird.


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