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Agressive behaviour after spaying

I had my cat spayed 2 months ago when she was 5 1/2 months old. Since her spay I've noticed signs of aggression in her. She has started to growl and hiss at times when petting her and she seems to get agitated and angry very easily now. What's shocked me the most is when I had a male friend over a few days ago she stalked him and swatted him with her paws where ever he sat in my apartment. She would not let him out of her sight it was the strangest thing. She acted like this a few weeks ago as well when I was away for the weekend and the same male friend came by to feed her while I was away. He told me she would not allow him to go past the front entrance of the apartment my cat kept swatting him with her paws, hissing at him, and kind of standing in the way of him getting by in order to get into the kitchen to feed her. He knew she did not want him in the apartment period!

The only time I've ever heard my cat hiss or growl was when she went to the vet to get her first set of shots and she was sitting in her carrying cage with dogs close by. Also, when the vet tried clipping her nails for the first time she also hissed and growled and he could not clip them.

My cat is a very sweet girl most of the time although she is sneaky and bad - she's a kitten that's what I expected. We have tons of fun playing tons and catch with her toys and hide-and-go-seek (yes I hide and she comes and finds me) but I'm worried about her attitude. Does anyone have any suggestions or know whether it's due to a change in her hormones after the spay? Thanks in advance.
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