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Originally Posted by MSteve View Post
Other than the food, he seems to be acting perfectly normal. Other than crying by our bedroom door a little more often (he doesn't sleep with us). He used to do that a lot when we first got him, and after we switched his food because he got hungry in the morning. But now he acts like he wants food, but only half-heartedly and then doesn't eat most of it.

He's also been drinking very little water since we switched to the wet food.
Sometimes when cats switch from dry food to the wet they pig out for a while and then settle on what/how much they want to eat. It may not seem a lot to us but is probably more than enough for them. If he is not experiencing a large weight loss all at once then he is probably getting enough. If he is particular about one brand then use it if he shies away from others. Better he eat than not. You can leave wet food out to let him graze on it during the day. It is not necessary to lift it if he doesn't eat it right away. I leave food out for my gang every day. With the number I have I have to or some would never get to eat.
The drinking very little water may be because he is getting his fluid needs met from the canned food. Most cats cut back on water consumption when they switch to canned simply because they are not dehydrated any more. Before with the dry he would have been dehydrated long before you saw him at the water bowl.

Originally Posted by aarnat View Post
If it's a kibble try some water in it.. try just leaving it out all day for him to grab as he wishes
Please do not add water to dry kibble. After only 20 minutes of kibble getting wet molds start to grow on it. Adding water does nothing to aid the cat and indeed may make him sicker.
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