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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oy! Too hot for hazel's taste.... Did you survive?

It is still 41C, Hazel , and though the heat won't kill me, getting rid of this lot below might. You get a lovely covering of snow and the only covering we get is that cursed Fairy grass.

I think it got down to about -17 F the night before I took the pic of the water spout. I think it had been raining the day before. It doesn't freeze solid like that all at once--but if there's a drip or even a slow-moving trickle, it freezes on the ice already hanging from the spout and adds to the sculpture.

-17F is definitely a "6 dog night".(We only get two dog nights here.) The ice sculpture is lovely.

I think that's Macie making the snowdog. LOL Nah...she was just whapping at the snow boulder. They like to break pieces off and eat them. Unfortunately, it irritates their throats and makes them cough all evening.

You are just being modest. We know that Hazel, aka she-who-can-teach-her-dogs-to - pirouette, also taught Macie to make snowmen, or snowdogs.

Glad you enjoyed the snow. It's raining today And tomorrow... Then Saturday the high is going to be 17 F again and everything will freeze rock solid and slick. *sigh*
I am hanging out for a change that is due this afternoon, then first job will be to clean the Fairy grass out of my stallion's stable. They don't like the feel of it, the ponies. Be careful once it gets icy.
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