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Finally have time to download your photo's, Hazel. The ice sculpture - Wow! how cold does it have to be to freeze running water? Love the one where the snow has set in, but then those with the sun on the snow are lovely too. In the photo of the dogs at the gate, the one with the green collar, is it making a snowman? ROFL.
The photo of the dog sitting where you shovelled makes me feel like "Aaaw, poor baby, come back inside in the warm". The fir trees with their load of snow are just beautiful and the last couple I think show what a good fall it was. No-one will be sitting and swinging on that garden seat for a while. LOL. It's all such a pure lovely white, I am very envious of all you lucky people who get snow, especially when it is going to be 42C here tomorrow. (sob!) (107F)
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