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DESPERATELY need advise!

Hi, I am new on this forum and I was reading about all the discussions about MULTI MENU.... As I said in my introduction, I have a 1 1/2 year old female ladrador. I have had her for a little more than 10 months and since I have been giving her Multi Menu. First I started with the Evolution + additionnal tabs of glucosamine since she has a hip dysplasia.At the very beginning everything was going great! But after a while, she started shredding so bad!!!! I immediately called my Multi Menu rep for advise. He then told me she might have an allergic reaction. I then stopped giving her the glucosamine suppliments and changed her food to lamb and rice. Since I had no clue to which one she was reacting to, I choose to change both. She has been on Lamb and Rice formula for now 4-5 months with no problems. NOW..... for the past month or so she started shredding all over again and ALOT!!! I have to brush her at least twice a day , and I am still picking up a dog of hair in the house :-( Now my question to u all, should I go with a totally different brand and which one do you suggest? NEED ADVISE!!

Thanks so much!
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