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Originally Posted by Raiee2010 View Post
we have had him since he has been 6 weeks old..
Why did you get him when he was only 6 weeks? Kittens should stay with their momma and siblings until 10-12 weeks. That's how they learn about bite inhibition and other vital socialization skills.

Originally Posted by Raiee2010 View Post
and i dont like hiting him like some poeple tell me to do ..
Don't ever hit your kitten. Whoever is telling you to do this needs to give themselves a smack. This will only cause your kitten to mistrust you and won't teach him a thing about controlling his teeth and claws. Could even make him worse.

Originally Posted by Raiee2010 View Post
he jumps on your arm and wraps his paws around it... im not sure what to do to make him stop , but any help would be great my arms look crazy from him..
He's playing. That's what kittens do. If he had a sibling or playmate his age to do this with instead of your arms, it wouldn't be such an issue. Any way you can get another kitten for him to hang out with? 2 are better than one, and he won't be lonely when you're not at home.
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