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Thanks Hazelrunpack I really appreciate your prayers.
They now use chemo as well as surgery depending on whether the tumour has metastasized or not.

My vet is against surgery due to his previous blood work a year ago that showed his platelet count was low (indication of how well his blood will clot). Actually it was a little weird because the previous year he had blood work done with the same normal ranges where the platelet count was much lower than it was when my vet did it in January 2010. I found it strange that it had increased (for the better) but he was living in a boarding kennel then.

She also doesn't think an ultrasound is necessary, though it might prove what he has, because he has that lump on his upper abdomen at the level of his spleen. I wonder about whether I should have the ultrasound done, but I read that an ultrasound won't necessarily show the difference between a hemangioma and hemangiosarcoma. The only diagnostic test to confirm which one it is, is a surgical biopsy or removal of his spleen. Since she doesn't think he'll live through the surgery, I don't want to take the chance.

The only thing I thought might help was to try to treat his anemia so that any small bleed will not necessarily kill him. I know when he has the massive bleed out it will be the end.

Yes it is the worst possible timing for this news, especially when I thought we were going for the injury to his paw and might find a broken bone in his foot. I had noticed that his gums were pale but hoped it was the way I was looking at him at the time.

The other bad thing is my vet is now away until after New Years and I might have to take him to a strange vet.

I forgot to mention that we increased the amount of Metacam he is getting as well, to reflect his weight gain over the last few months. He is also on a glucosame/chondroitin/MSM daily with his food and has been since I got him in January.

I am just trying to prolong his life as long as he has no pain by treating what I can. If anyone has any other ideas for supplements that might help I'd love to hear about them. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and praying that he doesn't have something that will end his life in the next month.

BTW: my avatar pic of Raggs was taken yesterday and shows how happy he is.
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