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Glad to hear that she is still doing well!

I am *really* concerned to hear that the doxy has been stopped. She was so sick, and not off the steroids for very long, and this is chronic, probably going back to that anemia a couple of years ago - the bugs are deeply rooted in her. I know that you will be watching carefully and frequently testing those blood counts.

Even after a year on doxy (also used for treating his fistula), it only took a month for Max's platelets to start dropping and for the red blood cells to start looking not normal. He is now back on his abx regimen, but at least he is still here and not in crisis. It will probably eventually win, whatever he has, but with luck, it won't be for a long time.

Do keep an eye on the limp, if it starts getting worse, back on that doxy!

It is disappointing that you haven't really heard back from some of the vets. I would have hoped they would have showed more professional interest, if not personal interest
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