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Hi MaxaLisa, Myka,

Timber is doing very well! She is still not back to where she was before this all happened but I think I see a little improvement every day. She has gained a lot of the weight back now so is looking quite a bit better.

Still weak in her hind end and seems to have a chronic limp but hopefully we can get that settled down with our visit to the alternate healing vet here.

She is off all steroids and I just stopped the doxy -- really watching her now. I was just talking with someone who's dog had Lyme and had to go through 3 rounds of doxy before symptoms subsided.

MaxaLisa -- Thank you so much for your thoughts! I am so sorry about your loss. Do you think that she had the same illness as Max? How is he doing? Is he still improving?

As for what all the vets think about this -- haven't heard anything from the internal medicine specialist -- she was the one that finally sent the blood to Toronto for tick testing but got our regular vet to deliver the positive results. She knew our regular vet had prescribed the doxycycline but the last time we spoke, she thought it would be a miracle if she responded -- and then the results came back positive so I would think she would have been very surprised but really don't know.

I did call and leave messages with receptionists about what Timber had with the first clinic we visited and the emergency clinic. I wanted the emergency vet to call me back but she never did so I just left the information with the receptionist.

Overall I'm a little upset that the vet's I dealt with haven't really expressed anything over the situation. It makes me think that they don't care or are even happy that we found the right answers. I don't know...

I do appreciate that our regular vet is the one that is still sticking with us now. She is the one that got us going on the doxy and has helped us get the blood to North Carolina for further testing -- just got those results back and Timber is negative for all other tick disease. I know that isn't 100% but it makes me feel better for now.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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