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I wanted to formulate a response that would not be riddled with egregious remarks and pomposity, here's what I came up with. To eliminate the plethora of unwanted animals we must examine all avenues with a well structured plan, unlike medicine who treats the symptom but never or hardly ever removing the source, masking with artificial solutions well suited for the 21st century man, mashed potatoes in a box!

Ever since man tamed Canis Lupus and brought him into his home, man has assumed a responsibility for these creatures. I've read the screams of outrage that plague this fora with an unusual frequency, yet there is no viable solution at hand, save for the elimination of 'back yard breeders' and 'puppy mills'. Let's see if we can't identify the real cancer here?

Man, that peculiarly curious creature who possesses the innate character of wanting to control his environment. Pollution, green house effect, endangered species, are just a few of man's accomplishments in his attempt at being, 'numero uno'. I ask you again, where is the real cancer? Supply and Demand, is the name of the game, and Homo sapien has copious amounts of demand. We want that dog in the window, doggy grows up and the numerous excuses for no longer wanting rover arise. He's ugly, he's destructive, he's too small, too large, pick one, there all good. Let's get a different breed, maybe he'll work out. Dogs and cats are expendable, man has no accountability for the beasts he's welcomed in his home. Stricter laws on who, how, and where people are allowed to own animals would be a start.

Labradoodle - In 1989 Wally Conron of Kew, Australia, began crossing Labrador Retrievers and Standard Poodles to create the Labradoodle because he wanted to have guide dogs suitable for blind people allergic to dog hair. Labradoodles are sociable, extremely clever and quick to learn unusual or special tricks. These dogs are good with children and easy to train. They need lots of exercise and activity in their life. Their curly coat needs regular grooming at least twice a week. Standard sizes weigh 45 to 77 lbs. and stand 21-24" at the shoulders. Miniature sizes weigh 26 to 55 lbs. and stand 17-20" at the shoulders. Females are slightly smaller.

This breed most definitely has a purpose as much so as any other breed since man decided to 'tame the beast'. What about Mira? Should we hold them accountable for their 'Labernois'? I've seen many of these sad little creatures in shelters and rescues. Louis Doberman set out to develop a breed that, for all intensive purposes existed in the 'Beauceron'. My great-grandparents brought theres with them from France.

I don't dispute the fact that we need to extinguish the 'puppy mills' and 'disreputable breeders', but that is merely a band-aid on the boo-boo. We need to eliminate the real cancer, no I don't mean annihilate mankind, I propose something more drastic in, education and accountability.

I guess I need to know why it is one would want a Morkie and not a Yorkie? I sit on a hospital ethics committee and I have to wonder if that means we should also be creating designer babies? (and alas, that is not far from science fiction either). The ethical issues are similar. Why create a new kind of species - especially a cross breed about which much is not yet known?
No it's not science fiction, it's a reality, and this falls under Medical Ethics. What the hell, immortality is only a clone away!

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