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So I made the switch easily. He gobbled up the food and actually looked forward to meal time. Which could be a little annoying at times, but once he schedule was established he only got fussy near mealtime.

So after two weeks of no problems, he is starting to act a little funny. He used to gobble up all his food as soon as we laid it down. But now he only picks at it a little bit, and often doesn't finish. He is still eating, but not nearly as much as he used to. Its kind of like he lost his appetite somewhat. It is concerning, especially since we will be away for a week for the holidays.

Other than the food, he seems to be acting perfectly normal. Other than crying by our bedroom door a little more often (he doesn't sleep with us). He used to do that a lot when we first got him, and after we switched his food because he got hungry in the morning. But now he acts like he wants food, but only half-heartedly and then doesn't eat most of it.

He's also been drinking very little water since we switched to the wet food.
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