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Game Cameras, Good Thing? Or Bad Thing?

I wasn't pleased a few weeks ago to find a game camera in a place I go in winter. I know there's hunting there but all these high tech aids to find animals just seem so unfair. The game camera I found is going to have lots of shots of me and my dog on it. Hopefully some other dog walkers too as I alerted some and urged them to go by so whoever is hunting will get the idea he's not the only one using that area. The camera is legal and so is hunting there.

Today I got a different opinion of game cameras. The OH was at his MNR Christmas party and mentionned the camera I found. The COs know about it and they're not too keen but, as said, the darn things are legal. However, recently one worked in their favour.

A deer hunter had set one up for the first shotgun season and when he got around to taking it down he found pictures of two men on an ATV with a buck they'd just shot. Two weeks after shotgun season was over. It was obvious they had no idea the camera was there. The pictures are dated. He turned the pictures over to MNR and apparently they were able to identify either the men or their vehicle. The CO whose area it was went to the hunter's address and played with him for a bit. The guy lied of course and said no way, he hadn't shot a deer out of season. Then the Co showed him the incriminating photos. The guy's been charged.

I'm having different thoughts about those cameras now. Poetic justice, wouldn't you say, for one hunter to catch a poacher out that way?
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