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After your update on the 14th, I was thinking about you (SW) and Timber as I was driving on the way to work...just the way that everything happened and everyone seemed to be in the right place to help Timber through. I have to give great kudos to you for asking a lot of questions, and following through on your instincts once you gathered the info you needed to make your decision. Nothing at all was clear, but it was all about the best treatment considering the odds.

Very surreal in some aspects, and I bet you will be processing it a bit for awhile. Curious if you've had this conversation with your vet, and what your vet thinks of all this.

I lost my heart dog on 10/2. She had the high neutrophil pattern too. I think she had a raging infection that got to her brainstem. I couldn't save her, and I had to fight with the vets and never really had a chance to treat her for what I think she had. I think she was probably too far gone, even if I could have got her the right treatment. I like to think that she was helping us out with Timber.
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