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Dr. Marty -- yes, he is the one I am familiar with. Thanks for that info Myka!

Had some great news today -- Timber's blood was almost normal! Her platelets are 287, WBC are 6 and RBC are 4.8 (still a little low but much higher than last time).

We are also going forward with further testing for Bartonella and Babesia and that will be sent to North Carolina State University.

I am really happy about that. Not sure if we will find out anything further but it may bring some peace of mind after everything that has happened.

Just took the dogs for a walk and we went a little further today. Before this all started, Timber did have some spinal weakness (discospondylosis) so not sure if I am seeing that or the effects of the anaplasmosis or both problems? She does sometimes stumble still and we went down a bit if a snowy incline and she fell down so doesn't have good control or strength back. I hope that it is just from muscle loss and not permanent damage. She really wants to participate in things now so I am happy she is enjoying life again!
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