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Red face Colby itchy dog

Thank you so much for your responses! Buddy is one lucky dog and looks great today! Colby was depressed and under a lot of stress in the kennel. Withing one week he started growing hair again. Right now he has a shinny black coat. I canceled his neuter today I believe you are right to wait. We are going back to the vet for a check and probably anitibiotics. He was on Clavamox tabs at 30.00 dollars for 14 enough for 1 week. Can these be ordered cheaper somewhere if he is going to need them everytime he breaks the skin. We will see what the vet says, but I am going to start the yogurt (Stonyfield) and go to the natural remedies site. Thanks again. This is my first time on and you are all wonderful to take the time to answer! Colby's Mom
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