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Well, wish you could all be here to see and smell the garden(and help pull weeds ) but failing that, at least I can try and cheer up a dull Winter's morning for you all. Chico, we've had our bad weather, 91ml of rain(over 3 1/2 inches) in 3 days. Only a couple of days with showers in the next week and temperatures in the 20's so that will be nice. We are in a La Nina weather event though which means a wet and humid Summer here.
Love4himies, I'd swap those deer for the the thousands of locusts that could arrive from up north and eat ALL my garden.

What can I post today? A rather different Salvia maybe, S. lanceolata, with its autumn shades of apricot and burnt red.(quoting from the label).
A dazzling bronze shaded sunflower, and for the rose lovers, Camille Pissaro again.
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