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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
During our final exam for Shadow's advanced obed. when we were doing one by one trials. On her final sit stay, I guess she misunderstood me, and she let out the biggest, loudest fart when her butt hit the gym floor! Everybody heard it and was laughing as I was explaining it was "her - not me!" Yes, dogs will be dogs! I just keep thinking about how wet Sunshine would have been going home! OBC, don't you just love wet dog smell??
Indeed. My last dog used to break one each hour lying down on the floor beside the bed while I was attempting to sleep. Some of them were so acrid they would bring tears to the eyes! I solved it by getting her the biggest, softest dog bed I could find and I put it on the other side of the room. No more dog beside the bed making smells that could peel the paint off the walls. Although, they could drift across the room from time to time...
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