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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Please take the time to read this website, it is by far the best one written on the web.
Dr. Pierson's site is excellent, though with anything, you want to look at various sources. One thing to be cautious about is the recommendation for an all raw food diet (B.A.R.F) for cats as recent research links this diet to increased digestive problems and IBS. If your cat already has stinky poop, IBS is the last thing you want and it's also very unpleasant/painful for a cat. This site is always worth considering:, though the site is to some extent promoting their own supplements. There are some good articles in veterinary resource archives as well, if you have university journal access.

Using a high quality canned all-meat diet may work for you. I've heard that is sometimes the case, though with our little guy it had no effect. His poops are so smelly we hope he won't use the litter box within an hour of anyone coming over. It's a real challenge having a super stinky cat so I really sympathize, but we love our little guy and take it as part of the package (while continuing to work toward a resolution).

Hope you find something that helps! (probiotics apparently work for a lot of people too: specifically, fortiflora. My cats love the taste of the stuff but it did nothing to resolve the problem. That said, so many people have claimed success with these that it's worth trying!)
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