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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Are these the studies that you read? ....
Yes, these were two of them. The second one was interesting (made me look up tryptophan and it's effects). There's yet another study from the 80's I think but I forgot to bookmark it; I'll look for it later.

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
As far as Orijen, I've been feeding it to both my dogs for over 4 yr and it sure hasn't made them aggressive at all.
Yeah, I wasn't thinking at all along the lines that it made a dog aggressive but, perhaps if a dog already has aggressive or reactive tendencies, that it could make it worse. Penny's the reason I started looking into this and it makes a lot of sense in her case from her weird behavior, reactivity, and anxiety to her coat quickly becoming thinner and more dull. We finally realized that when she's fed Orijen over a period of a few weeks, she gets worse. As soon as we switch back to raw, she starts to get back to normal quickly. Coincidence ?

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
I wonder if it would depend on whether you fed high quality meat protein versus cheaper quality protein?
The studies don't specify, eh? I'm curious to know what exactly was fed. Fr sure quality protein is better. I also read that soy protein was supposedly one of the worse ingredients for hyperactive dogs as well.
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