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Originally Posted by meowzart
2) Not all of the recognized breeds in cat fancy or CKC are natural breeds. Some are 'man made' yet now considered their very own desirable breed. I give you my own ragdolls for example. Only bred since I believe the '60's.
I think most breeds (dog or cat) are in some respect "man made". But in this day and age, I think we have enough breeds to be getting on with, don't you?

Originally Posted by meowzart
3) I agree re: reputable breeders, HOWEVER, I feel that many breeders are breeding extremes into the lines for show purposes, and to make their breed distinctive which I don't think is necessarily in the best interests of the animal. Do you agree?
I think what you refer to as "breeding to extremes" is actually breeding to showcase the breed's distinctive and desireable qualities. Those puppies that are not "extreme" are referred to as "pet quality" and are sold on a spay/neuter contract.

Originally Posted by meowzart
4) Many breeds have been overbred and are now suffering from a host of genetically linked or familial diseases - I'm very frustrated with this fact. it may be the demise of purebred lines altogether unless something is done.
This is largely due to the host of disreputable breeders/millers/byb's out there who are not health testing prior to breeding. That's why it's so important to research your breeder properly.

My two cents.
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