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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Interestingly, we discovered the doxy/amoxi trick by accident. Lepto seems endemic here and every fall at least a few of the dogs come down with it. Sometimes the anaplas masks the lepto, in that once we get the anaplas positive result, we don't bother to test for the lepto. So if we have a dog that doesn't seem to bounce back completely on the doxy, we then switch to a 2-wk course of amoxi to finish off treatment (which is the protocol for lepto), assuming that the reason for the continued symptoms is an undetected case of lepto. HOWEVER, we've had dogs test positive for anaplas that turned around on the doxy/amoxi combo without the lepto titers converting during treatment--which indicates that if lepto was present, it wasn't one of the strains that they test for. Our suspicion is that in those cases, lepto was not involved but there was still something in that antibiotic combination that worked against the anaplas better than doxy alone. But we haven't a clue as to why it works.
I guess it doesn't matter why, in the long run, as long as you have a protocol that works! I will remember this, thank you
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