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Haven't updated in a while since I've been super busy.

Things have been ok for about a month, then on Saturday Smokey started feeling sick again, and I'm really worried. On Saturday he threw up once in the early afternoon, it looked like it was mostly hair and partially digested food. Then, later around 8pm he vomited some clear white foam.

The next day, Sunday, he had very little appetite, and only nibbled at his wet food a little, although he still had some appetite for treats and ate quite a few.

On Monday I took him to the vet. They took blood, and kept him there for a few hours. While he was there, he apparently had a bad bout of diarrhea, although he hadn't had any at home. The blood work came back ok, his Creatinine was at 228, which isn't bad, so the vet figures that's not responsible for how he's feeling. The vet said that the vomiting, not eating, and diarrhea suggests stomach irritation, so they sent Smokey home with some paste that is supposed to soothe his stomach, I believe it's called Progut (I think it's also known as Diarsanyl). They gave him one dose at the clinic, and gave us instructions to give him another in the evening, and to do that for a few days. Finally, they also gave him an anti-nausea shot.

When he came from the vet Monday afternoon, Smokey was in a better mood than he'd been the last few days, and actually seemed to be asking for food. I gave him some wet food and he had some, although much less than he would at a normal meal. He also ate a bunch of treats. However, after that, he barely had anything to eat the rest of the day except for a few treats. He also didn't respond very well to the paste and tried to spit it out, or would just sit there and drool so that it would come out.

The vet's instructions were to give him the paste and see how he did, and to call back and let them know on Tuesday, ie, today.

So this morning Smokey was not interested in eating anything except a handful of treats, which is worrying.

Aside from his appetite, his behaviour is definitely "off" but not that bad. He still walks around and jumps up on the couch and the bed, etc. He's been prone to hiding since he got back from the vet, but that seems to be mostly because he gets really annoyed every time we take him there and they do annoying stuff like take blood and make him eat weird paste he doesn't like. I say this because I saw him walking around and hanging out in his usual spots and then bolted under the couch when he saw me approach him.

So I'm not sure what to do at this point. I called the vet to let them know there hasn't been any change from yesterday and the nurse just said maybe we could try giving him his fluids a day early (tomorrow would be the day otherwise) to see if he's dehydrated. Otherwise she said she doesn't know what else to do. This is confusing because the doctor made it sound like we should give an update and then some new plan of action would be formulated. I mean shouldn't we investigate further if he's not getting better? For example, he was better after getting from the vet, so perhaps the anti-nausea shot helped, in which case, shouldn't that be investigated? I suspect the nurse didn't really understand, or may have not discussed Smokey's case with the doctor. In any case, I'm going to call back in a couple hours and ask to rely my questions to the doctor.

In the meantime, I'm trying to think of what I should do to get Smokey to eat, or what could have caused this. I tried lots of different types of food, and tried adding some tuna water to make it more appetizing. I tried Hills A/D food which he ate last time he refused to eat anything. I tried finding baby food but none of my local groceries have flavours without spices or tons of other ingredients I'm not sure about in them. I also wonder if one reason he's not eating is that he still feels upset about being taken to the vet and just needs to relax a bit, which makes me wonder if I should give him his fluids and stuff now, or leave him alone for a while?

Any thoughts? Thank you!
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