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Thanks for that info Hazelrunpack and thank you Myka! That's so nice of you to give up your time like that to try and get her some help

I've really been concerned about her liver because of all these medications so I want that to be part of the next blood test. I am seeing an alternative healing vet here on Jan 4. She does things like Chinese medicine/acupuncture/rehab so I'm hoping that will help. Rgeurts has seem good results with Nanook if you have been following her post so I thought i would give it a try.

Timber is eating very well. She is always hungry now and I think that is a good sign. I have always given Orijen and she is also getting some canned dog food as well as the foods I add to their diet like liver, eggs, veggies, meats, fish etc.

I'm also doing what MaxaLisa suggested and giving the whey protein powder.

I am taking her for small walks now but she can't go too far. She hasn't had any exercise for two months so that, in combination with the meds has really weakened her. But, she does want to go out for walks now so it might just take awhile to get her endurance up. She still sleeps a lot but she has a lot of healing to do.

Her skull has been so apparent under her fur because of the muscle loss The bone around her eyes is really apparent and on top of her head. My parents came over and thought that she was looking better so maybe it is coming back a little
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