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Love4himis -- Thank you -- yes, I initially gave the doxy on an empty tummy but am now giving it with food so her appetite has improved. In fact, she actually seems to be very hungry lately which is a good sign. I think she has a lot to re-build!

MaxaLisa -- As for probiotics and steroids -- not sure why Bio-K has that on their website either because, like you, I have been reading about giving them together as well.

So, I guess that SNAP test is the one vet's have "in house". I will find out if that is the test she had in May??? or did they send it away???

I know it wasn't PCR she had just recently -- they sent to Toronto and it was antibody testing but I would think it would be different than the SNAP??? I was hoping that the Toronto testing was more accurate? I will get the details.

Thank you Goldfields! We are heading in the right direction now at least! I actually use to find ticks interesting but now I feel a little tick-phobic!

Hazelrunpack -- what is the reason for giving the amoxicillin at the end of the doxy? Because I was told she was negative in May -- I am also wondering if that is very accurate. I guess we'll never know. I just hope that when treatment is finished that she remains healthy -- I still want to look into the US testing at NCSU. They cover more diseases and I would feel better sending another sample there.

There are still many questions to ask and I will also look into the panacur. I have been giving probiotics regularly now two hours after her antibiotics (twice daily). I thought maybe this morning her stool was a little more formed Still soft but formed so hopefully this will help but I will ask about the panacur if the metronidazole isn't the best to clear an infection.
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