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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
There's a listing here that may or may not help. Scroll down to the "List of Meat Suppliers" and then further down to "Quebec". Also look for Urban Carnivore, which has stuff like bison, rabbit, duck, etc.
Looks like the list is no longer working or online.

I am from Ottawa but am willing to drive up to the Montreal area to pick up some raw frozen meat for our two Labs. We typically stay away from chicken as one of the dogs is sensitie to it. We go through a decent amount of it, and would be looking to pick up around 200lbs per order. We used to get 2lb blocks bulk that was a mix of meat from a co-op around here, but they have since moved out of the area so we need a new source.

Anyone have any suggestion as to where I can source out a new supplier?

Thanks a mint!
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