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thinking about adopting

I have been researching dog adoptions in ontario endlessly for the past few weeks. I came across Fourrière D'Alma on pet finder when I found the dog of my dreams, 'DORA'. We emailed them right away, and heard back with the application soon after. I've read this entire thread and am very scared to continue with this rescue. Someone mentioned to ask all of you, many which belong to rescues to help so if you could, please do. I have my heart set on a small dog, a poodle cross exactly. Dora is an adorable shi-poo, or the yorkie- poo. I was also searching on kijiji, there are many... is this sketchy too? However, I do desperatly want a rescue dog. Also a female because I already have a female dog. If anyone hears of anything, please keep me posted!! I live in northern ontario, am willing to drive to toronto (GTA). Thank you all. Sorry to hear about all the tragic stories with Fourrière D'Alma, and good luck and be happy to all those who have success stories.
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