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The shelter I worked at has been doing 2 months/2 pounds for ages.. we haven't seen any long term or short term side affects from it. I've personally found it to be alot better... my one cat that we were told we had to wait until 6 months for is such a jerk.. I mean, he started becoming super aggressive around 5 months and got HUGE and was just a big nasty tom cat.. and my vet (who I still love and trust) kept saying we HAD to wait until 6 months... I feel like if at the time, we had it done earlier, he would not be such a

I know some people are wary about the 2 month rule, which I can understand, but personally I've felt the best time on both ends is 3-4 months. They are a bit bigger, a bit stronger, but still young enough where it is minimally invasive.
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