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kitty neutering

How early is safe enough to neuter Gizmo? My regular vet won't even consider doing it until he's six months old. I called our former vet (we changed due to location/price, not lack of trust) and they're willing to do it now, since he's over 3 pounds. Is it better to wait until he's a little older? He's starting to get pretty aggressive in his play, sometimes choosing to ignore the toy I'm holding in favor of biting my hand. He'll even turn and bite while I'm petting him. Like, one second he's laying there, eyes almost closed, purring and seeming very relaxed and mellow, and the next he just turns his head and bites. I'm hoping that neutering him will help reduce his aggresiveness, but if it's not really good for him yet, then I'll have to put up with it. He's approximately 14 weeks old and as of last week monday 3.6 pounds. It's just a little confusing to me that I've got two different answers from two different vets.

Sorry, I know I'm being a little pesty with all these newby questions.
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