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Amazingly well said CK.

There are just to many Oddles and Doodles out.And the more people buy from these people,the more they are pumped out.And the more they are dumped in shelters.

There is absalutely nothing wrong with wanting a specific breed.Just make sure you do alot of research before getting one.

I grew up with GSD's.So when I was almost 16,I knew I wanted one of my own.I did a ton of research.I made sure it was ok with my dad(was living with him.His house,his rules)I went to the dog shows,talked to the breeders.I did my homework.And when I was 17,I got Cujo.So as you can see,it took me almost a year.I wanted to make sure.And he was with us for 13 years.I did go back to my original breeder when I got Yukon and Tron.
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