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LoL ya, nookie "meant" something different to us too , but I'm so used to using it for the monster that it doesn't even come to mind anymore! We starting calling him that because he loves his cookies and Nookie Monster just seemed to fit him

And we are hoping it lasts too!! He has been so cute the last couple of days. He was so rowdy when we went to the vet yesterday that Shaun had to take him outside until the appointment. He just waltzed in and started howling as though he were announcing himself, got all the dogs in there going and wouldn't stop! little pupper!

The receptionists were calling him the class clown. Then when the techs took him to the back we could hear him singing to them the whole time. The one came out, just laughing, and said she promised they weren't hurting him... he was just very happy and feels like singing
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